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Tube Hydroforming

Tube Hydroforming Parts

TALLIS Tech's Tube Hydroforming parts can be used in automotive, plumbing, musical instruments and general OEM applications. Tube hydroforming is suitable for forming copper, brass, copper nickel, nickel silver, steel, and stainless steel tubular products. Our unique tube hydroforming process allows you to design a product that could not be manufactured utilizing conventional fabricating techniques.
TALLIS Tech helps you with your next tube hydroforming design. Our engineers are highly specialized in tube hydroforming and have years of experience working with this technology.
01 Aluminium Front Side Member
02 Arm-Trailing 03 Aluminum Side Member
04 Apron 05 Bumper Back Beam 06 Double Walled Tube
07 Exhaust Manifold 08 Front Side Member 09 Lower Arm1, Lower Arm2
10 Radiator Support 11 Rear Sub Frame 12 Roof Rail
13 Roof Side Rail 14 Side Sill 15 Wheel Arm S/A(India)
16 T-Fitting 17 Thermo Flask 18 Part for Home appliance
19 Turbo Silencer

20 Turbo Inlet

21 Exhaust Manifold(Runner)

22 Trailing Arm

23 Gasforming Tube

24 Solar Heat Exchanger

25 Exhaust Resonator