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Superplastic forming Parts , Gas forming Parts

Superplastic forming
Superplastic forming Parts
are generated with TALLIS Tech's high-technology which can show hundreds of percent forming rate.
It makes possible to realize complex design with superplastic forming's 1 process, which should be controlled to the material's environment of specific temperature, specific forming pressure and specific forming speed. Superplastic forming process uses only air source like nitrogen with no other effluent, so echo-friendly.

Superplastic forming process includes multi-steps that uses a hot-forming press and an inert, pressurized gas such as argon. First, a metal blank is loaded in a die between two platens. The press then heats the blank and die to temperatures as high as 1000 degrees Celsius. When the superplastic temperature is achieved, the inert gas inflates the blank to fit the die. This produces a part which conforms to the die's smallest details. In some cases, superplastic forming press is followed by diffusion bonding, a solid-state joining process that holds pre-machined components under load at elevated temperatures in a protective atmosphere or vacuum. Often, superplastic forming equipment that performs diffusion bonding is used with aerospace applications.

Gas forming
It can be produced with Gas forming forming technology for good's difficult design which cannot be produced in normal forming conditions. Material's elongation is increased due to exposure to excessive heat, production is made by an accurate net control in charge of counter pressure's progress, facilitie's servo units and user-friendly control software on the basis of theoretical research activities.
TALLIS Tech serves various magnificient gas forming productions to customer.


01 Suspension Housing

02 Splice part of Boeing Aircraft

03 Diffusion Bonding Titanium MTB Frame

04 Magnesium Cover