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Sheet Hydroforming

Sheet Hydroforming Parts

Sheet hydroforming technology is a flexible forming technology. As increasingly great variety of parts are being produced using this Sheet hydroforming technology.

At the present time, hydroforming technology is used widely for forming lightweight or complicated components in the automotive industry and aerospace industry, etc. Recent developments and the character of hydroforming, especially sheet hydroforming and tube hydroforming, also known by the name of internal high pressure forming, are discussed in detail. Based on applications and by using liquid as a forming media, the state of the art and key technologies concerned with equipment, process control, simulation, etc. are explored in detail. Conclusions are drawn concerning possible future developments in hydroforming technology.

01 Radar Curved Reflecting Plate

02 Trunk Lid Outer Panel

03 Fuelcell bipolar plate

04 Titanium Pressure Vessel