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Semi Solid Forging Parts

Semi Solid Forging is to maximize the Advantages of both Casting and Forging due to Forming the Material between Casting and Forging Temperature. Semi Solid Forging Metal can be treated as Solid because of High Apparent Viscosit and it has Non-Turbulent Flow Characteristic during Die Filling because of Moderate Apparent Viscosity under Shear Stress.

ThixoMatic is like BulgeMatic, a special development of TALLIS Tech for performing a semi solid forging process.
Thixomatic is characterized by a very fast forging speed (up to 600mm/sec) at its full force capacity and with a speed control over whole stroke. It has PC-NC control concept with fieldbus technology, servo hydraulic actuator and its own Software ThixoCon.

01 Aluminum Front Side Member
Semi Solid Forging Parts



Alluminum Alloy


 Reheating → Forging

02 Arm Trailing
Semi Solid Forging Parts

Control Arm


Alluminum Alloy


  Forging → Reheating