01 Universal Hydroforming Press UniForm


In conventional hydroforming, complex components often need to be pre-bent and/or preformed before hydroforming with the help of UniForm by TALLIS Tech.
However, they could be hydroformed in one single step. This remarkable advance in hydroforming technology has been achieved by the unique machine concept BulgeMatic together with the innovative control concept BulgeCon by TALLIS Tech.

a. Characteristics of Universal hydroforming press


Universal hydroforming press is the specially designed Hydroforming Method to achieve increased formability of tube material.

Applying the closded loop servo-control of pressure and displacement, it is possible to realize a number of advantages such as

1)  Stable Process
2)  Enhanced Hydroformability
3)  Uniform Mechanical Properties of Part
4)  Better Form Filling etc.

b. Universal hydroforming press

  Step 1
The tubular blank(straight or pre bent tube) is placed in a die which has the dimensions of final component, and then filled with fluid liquid emulsion.(a)

Step 2
Next, an initial pressure(constant low-pressure or a little high pressure beyond yield initiation of the tube depending on part shape) is applied, while the die is being closed and at the same time, the tube pushed into the die by axial cylinder.
The purpose of the initial pressure is to prevent collapsing of tube, and especially, in case of complex shape of part, enhance the form filling of corner area of die allowing low friction between tube and die surface.

Concurrent action of axial feeding with the initial pressure makes the deformation mode(loading path) to keep between pure shear and uniaxial tension mode, which is the case that can obtain an increased formability of tube material. Therefore, it is possible to achieve the maximum expansion ratio of tube.(b)
Different from conventional hydroforming processes, the Uniform by TALLIS Tech performs a hydroforming procedure in the manner, that the hydroformability of a given material is maximized and excellent mechanical properties of a workpiece after hydroforming,homogeneous and continuous distribution of strength, low level and uniaxial residual stress over wall thickness etc. can be obtained. The forming mechanism in the Step 2 is a mixture of bending and stretching, which run simultaneously in the hydroforming process.

Step 3
After Step 1, internal pressure is increased to expand the tube to form of die(Calibration Stage).(c)
Because of the better form filling in the preceding step, only small portion of the total amount of forming should bedone in this step. As the result of this mechanism the negative effects of conventional hydroforming, such as bursting, biaxial residual stress, poor form filling and waved surface can be considerably avoided.
This mechanism represents the basic characteristic of the UniForm-Technology, which can be realised only by the special machine system BulgeMatic, the control concept Bulgecon and the Software of TALLIS Tech.
Uniform simplifies manufacturing procedure of hydroforming parts significantly i.e reduction of process steps, no need of pre-bending and/or pre-forming etc.

Step 1(No Pressure)

Step 2(Low Pressure)

Step 3(High Pressure)


Bending + Stretching


02 The Hydroforming Press System Bulgematic


The hydroforming press system BulgeMatic is a special development of TALLIS Tech for performing the UniForm (Universal hydroforming press) process.

Servo Hydraulic Press

The Bulgematic Hydroforming Press utilizes servo hydraulic press technology with energy optimization for all hydraulic actuators in the system, so that an arbitrary hydroforming process, not only UniForm but also other conventional processes, can be practiced by the system.
It is based on the modern PC-NC concept with fieldbus technology, which makes it possible to control the machine system with powerful user interfaces and to localize easily a certain problem in the system.
The control software BulgeCon controls the whole machine system and interfaces with peripheral equipments such as industry robots etc.
The BulgeCon can network the whole production line and thanks to its PC-based controller architecture a remote diagnostics via internet is also possible.

03 The Semi-Solid Forging Press System ThixoMatic


ThixoMatic is like BulgeMatic, a special development of TALLIS Tech for performing a semi solid forging process.
Thixomatic is characterized by a very fast forging speed (up to 600mm/sec) at its full force capacity and with a speed control over whole stroke.
It has PC-NC control concept with fieldbus technology, servo hydraulic actuator and its own Software ThixoCon.
The advantages of the hardware concept of ThixoMatic are similar to those of BulgeMatic.

04 Other Innovative Production Technologies


For technologies,
for which conventional methods come too short, TALLIS Tech offers extraordinary solution concepts.