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Sheet Hydroforming

Hot stamping Parts

In automotive industry, it is widely used high strength steel parts over 1000MPa for car's lightweight, crashworthiness. Traditional cold stamping for high strength steel is faced to difficult points like
- serious springback,
- big pressing force against a increase of forming load,
- a decrease of formablity and
- frequent maintanace of tools.
They generate a low productivity, high manufacturing cost.


Hot stamping(thermo-mechanical process) is a good solution replacing the traditionals.
Hot stamping process involves the heating of the steel blanks until they are malleable(austenite), next formation to specially designed dies and rapid cooling at the rate of minimum minus 30'C/sec,
creating hardened material(austenite-martensite transformation).


On the other hand, there are a little time delay for a decrease of temperature, means a low productivity. Additional facilities are needed like furnace, laser cutting equipment, shot peening for removal of oxide scale.
TALLIS Tech, for hot stamping process, provides magnificent solutions of innovative production technologies and facilities, etc.