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13 8000kN 10 axises Servo Hydraulic Presses for Korea and China

10 axises Servo Hydraulic Press

Position Control

4 Groups

Supply P. Range


Ram Stroke



1. 10,000kN Hydroforming Press

2. 10,000kN Hydroforming Press (India)

3. 25,000kN Hydroforming Press

4. 800kN Hydroforming Press

5. 800kN Press for Hydroformability Tester

6. 250kN Press for Sheet Bulge Tester

7. Hydroforming Unit (4,000bar)


8. 800kN Hydroforming Press

9. Superplastic 2000kN Servo hydraulic SplaMatic Press

10. HS3000 Water Jet Machine

11. BHFC3G CNC Blank Holder

12. 8,000kN Multi forming Press

13. 8,000kN 10 axises Servo Hydraulic Presses
Korea                                China

14. 4,000kN Hydroforming Press for Electronic devices

15. 10,000kN 5 axises Servo Hydraulic Press &
15,000kN 9 axises Servo Hydraulic Press
(for Hydroforming of exhaust parts for a gasoline turobo engine)

16. 8,000kN 4 axises Servo Hydraulic Press

17. 8,000kN 6 axises Multi forming Press

18. 1,500kN 1 axises Servo
hydraulic Press